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  • ART CAR BOOT FAIR Posted on 23 July 2014

    Find me and Paul Hazelton at the Art Car Boot Fair Folkestone with Herrick Gallery. 30th August 2014

    Oh! We do like to be beside the Seaside.

    Alongside the wonderful Folkestone Triennial and overlooking the sea to France come down and join us for a second outing towards the end of the Summer in the Harbour car park in Folkestone.

    There is already an air of seaside fun about the art car boot fair so imagine how excited we are to be bringing our show to Folkestone on a bank holiday weekend in August! Saturday August 30th to be precise and we’ll be joining in with all the amazing goings-on to celebrate the opening weekend of the Folkestone Triennial. Boots will be packed at dawn and ready to unload a cavalcade of art and frivolity across the harbour walls at mid day. Watch this space for full line-up a little closer to the time!



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