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  • PRESS RELEASE Posted on 27 January 2014


    This is Tom Swift (UK, Bon Abattoir) and Bruce McLean (UK, Dark Matter Studio) can be described as an action 

    painter and action sculptor respectively, with both artists, in varying degrees, deconstructing and critiquing the historical 

    trajectory and production of painting and sculpture. 

    For Art14 London, This is Tom Swift will paint in situ, creating a single painting that measures 5 metres wide and 3 

    metres high. The performance will last 3 hours, during which the artist will invite members of the public to discuss the 

    painting he is working on.  At the end of the performance, the artist will cut the painting into re-hang-able fragments 

    using a saw.  

    Bruce McLean’s interest lies in what he describes as the ‘detritus’ around performance and not performance in itself. 

    McLean will produce a new short film, which documents an action sculpture. A still from the film will be made in to an 

    accompanying print. The works will be displayed together in the performance space.

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